当我第一次听说有一个DreamDry,纽约井喷沙龙特许经营店,location being planned for Chicago there was one thing on my mind- Would Rachel Zoe be at the opening?  The wardrobe stylist to the stars,作者,成为电视真人秀明星,时装设计师,莫卧儿无疑已经成功塑造了自己的形象(是的,她的身材非常娇小)在时尚史上的地位,不仅是一个家喻户晓的名字,但我个人的时尚偶像之一。DreamDry(地址:西904。阿米蒂奇)是瑞秋和她的朋友,把业务首席执行官罗宾Moraetes。

If it sounds like Rachel is a little busy these days it's because she is.  One of the major takeaways I had from our conversation is that she is actually deeply involved and passionate 兴发老虎机官网about every project she takes on,this is not a celebrity-lending-their-name situation.  Add in raising two boys,Skylar,3.和婴儿Kaius,我明白了她为什么会被吹出来的沙龙的概念所吸引-快,为忙碌的女性打造奢华的发型。

Meeting someone you admire is always tricky because there's the risk that they won't live up to your expectations.  Sitting down with Rachel surpassed all of mine.  There was an overwhelming sense that not only is she brilliant,but also genuinely nice.  She was interested in my pregnancy,芝加哥发生了什么,房间里的温度对每个人都合适吗?等等,瑞秋以她山谷女孩的抑扬顿挫著称,打趣道,和标语(ie。"I die." or "That's Ba-nan-as.") but I was blown away by how well spoken she was in person.  Yes,在我们的采访中,有时她很随意(这让我觉得我和一个我认识并深爱的女朋友坐在一起),但是让她认真地做她的事情,这个女人就会变得优雅,兴发老虎机官网专业,and very poised.  Not always the case in these celebrity interviews.  You'd be surprised.  So without further ado,这是我和Rachel Zoe以及她的朋友和商业伙伴的对话,罗宾Moraetes……

在我们进入……之前DreamDry,Rachel- I'd love to start with your roots as a [wardrobe] stylist.  Is there a tip or trick that stylists use that we should all be adding to our repertoires?

瑞秋·佐伊:老实说,there are so many!  But I would have to saytopstickis a favorite.  That might be a given,but it really is amazing.  I don't ever leave my house without it.  You can use it to do a quick hem on a pant,你可以用它,这样你就不用在里面穿什么东西,什么东西都留着在战略上放置,you can fix a strap.  It really is a great styling security blanket to have.  I could go on for days!



Robin Moraetes:我最喜欢的发型,我们在这里经常做的一件事是当你洗完你的头发你用冷水洗完。

Rachel Zoe: It's painful!  It's not something you enjoy but it seals everything in.



Robin Morates:  So true!  It's amazing how it seals in the shine.  We both love it so much that on our new blow dryer,的DreamDryer,we added a "cool shot" that you want to use at the end to lock in the style.  So- you're styling with heat,你在加热造型,然后在最后的三秒钟,点击“酷镜头”,它锁定了一切!


Rachel Zoe: Isn't it gorgeous?  Itbrand new.  Literally just launched 10 days ago.  It's such a great gift!

Robin Moraetes:  We have them hand made in France.  It's the fastest,最快的,quietest blow dry you'll ever get.  85 miles per hour.


你读懂了我的心思,Rachel!  That's my top criteria for beauty products.

Rachel Zoe:  So true!  I even love the box!  Guys look at this,事情就是这样发生的!这不是你扔掉的盒子,你保存它,并在里面储存东西。

Robin Moraetes:这个盒子实际上是一个抽屉,所以一旦你把所有东西都拿出来,你就可以把东西储存在这个婴儿体内!


Robin Moraetes:这是吹风机,DreamDetangler——你要用它来洗完湿头发之后,though it will also work on dry hair.  Rachel keeps stealing them all!

Rachel Zoe:  I do.  I'm obsessed.  They're so compact and they don't break your hair like normal brushes can,而且你总能在钱包里找到它,因为它是银的。





Robin Moraetes:  Feel how soft it is.  It wraps just like a regular turban,and absorbs 70% of the water in your hair to cut drying time in half.  I swear!

Speaking of turbans… Let's talk personal style!  Rachel,你总是那么迷人——我很想知道这些年来你的个人风格是如何演变的。

瑞秋·佐伊:嗯,definitely more black since I became a mother!  What's funny is I generally wore black for the majority of my life when I lived in New York…


Rachel Zoe:  It is!  Then I moved to LA and started wearing much more print,更多的颜色,and never wore black.  Then I had my first son and I was like- okay,我的制服必须是黑色的,海军,dark.  I'm going to get food on anything I'm wearing.  I'm going to be in the dirt.  At some point today I'm going to get spit up on.  My style has definitely changed.  Now dresses are replaced by jumpsuits most of the time.Trousers and dresses are often replaced by dark denim jeans and a cropped jacket.  So,我会说我一直都喜欢波西米亚的魅力,但奇怪的是,随着年龄的增长,我的着装变得更优雅了——有时到了一定年龄,你就得停止穿衣服了。


Rachel Zoe:  Well I am 31.  Fine,32.  I'll tell the truth.

Robin Moraetes: We're the exact opposite- I came from LA and my whole wardrobe was color!  Now I live in New York and the only color in my wardrobe is lipstick.



Robin Moraetes:  Shinny chevron!  That's our baby!

Rachel Zoe:  Do you remember?  It was literally the torment of our first opening yet it's one of our proudest things!

Robin Moraetes:哦,天哪,当我们在摄像机前争论人字形地板的时候兴发老虎机官网(在瑞秋·佐伊项目的录像然后,我们身后的某个东西突然倒塌了,我们继续争论雪佛龙的地板……兴发老虎机官网

Rachel Zoe:  I love it so much though!  I get happy every time I look at it!



You had me at cowhide chevron.  So how did you two come together and decide to makeDreamDry一个现实吗?

Rachel Zoe:  I think it was really just born out of necessity for women on the go everyday.  I personally,作为一个总是有吹风机的人,我的母亲、姐姐和朋友们总是需要吹风机,我无法说出我生命中14岁的女人的名字,who doesn't want and need their hair blown.  Whether it's every other day,一周一次,once a day.  It's personal to whatever your needs are,但这就是它的起源。

Robin Moraetes:  We really just wanted to make it accessible to everyone.  That's our tagline- Everyday glamor.  It used to be 兴发老虎机官网about an occasion,and now it's 兴发老虎机官网about everyday.  The styles we offer- it really is everyday glamor.  We have a client in New York who comes 6 days a week.

瑞秋·佐伊:哦,we love her!  I really want to help women live a more glamorous life,在一个可承受的价格点,拥有奢华的体验,that I think a lot of women dream of having but might not have time for.  We're all 兴发老虎机官网about in and out,with incredible service and results.  It makes you more confident!

我知道你们俩都很喜欢这种发型DreamDry提供,和瑞秋,我理解创造菜单is especially your baby.  So what styles so we all be trying right now?  Any great hair trends on the horizon?

Rachel Zoe:  I have a longtime obsession with braids!  There are braids everywhere on the DreamDry menu.  We're constantly adding new styles,因为头发总是在进化,but you never want to loose the classics.  You can never take away the topknot for example.  Then there's the林青霞和史蒂夫,great hairstyles are typically inspired by an icon and then you take that idea and make it modern.  Then also,I'm always looking at great sartorial street style.  There will be some random woman in Paris,跑向一辆车,以惊人的头发……

Robin Moraetes:  Then she'll literally take a picture and I'll get a text.  It's amazing!  I love it!  Rachel Zoe is our woman on the street and she's inspired by everywhere she goes,and everyone she meets.  I'm here running the business…

瑞秋·佐伊:她在经营生意,making my dreams come true!  She really does.  It's like a Hall & Oates song![She sings a line from the Hall & Oates classic "You Make My Dreams Come True".  I nearly pass out from excitement that Rachel Zoe is dropping classic rock/pop references and singing to me...]

I love seeing and hearing how everything from the hairstyles to the chevron floor design is actually coming directly from you two.  It's very evident that you're not just slapping your name on something here.


Robin Moraetes:  We won't do something unless it's absolutely perfect.  Don't get me wrong she'll send me something but it might not be able to be executed properly so we won't do it.


Robin Moraetes:我们希望一切都是复杂的,and we're super serious 兴发老虎机官网about training and education.  Nothing is going to go out there unless it's 100%.


好了你们两个,it's somehow been a full 7 minutes since I've asked Rachel a fashion question… What's on the horizon for Spring?  What are you loving?  Is there anything you're hating?

瑞秋·佐伊:春天有很多农民,还有波西米亚,我一直很喜欢看,但这是用一种非常现代的方式,60′s everywhere!  Lots of big huge bold prints and things like that.  There are a lot of long tunics over pants,它每隔一段时间就会回来,and I love it.  It makes me very happy.


瑞秋·佐伊:你知道,fashion is in a really interesting place right now because the rules are just not there anymore.  Everything is transitional.  You can take your summer clothes to winter by layering,you can wear bohemian dresses in the winter with tights and a biker jacket.  It's bizarre!  Fashion just isn't at all what it used to be where you wore this this time of year,and something else is only relevant for a few months and then it's gone.  It's just not so exact.  There actually isn't anything right now that I would say I don't ever want to see again.  Which is unusual,因为前几年肯定有过!

Can I ask you two to humor me with some quick answer/free association?  It tends to be my favorite part of interviews.



瑞秋·佐伊:L 'Avenue在巴黎。




Robin Moraetes:我是……的超级粉丝华尔道夫酒店,again here in Chicago.  Great design!



Robin Moraetes:周五晚上呆在家里,在网上购物。



Rachel Zoe:  Or any Hugh Grant movie!  Notting Hill.  Anything.  A Hugh Grant marathon!




The best!  I'm wearing野生姜你最喜欢什么颜色的指甲?









Robin Moraetes:它将在一月份上线。

瑞秋·佐伊:但是,我真的很喜欢Diptyque我真的很喜欢蜡烛。D.L.& Co,I love!  It's actually my uncle's company.  Not my blood uncle,但还是我叔叔。


Robin Moraetes:  Didot.  Specifically,Didot斜体显示。

Rachel Zoe:  This is too tech-y for me!  I guess the DreamDry font?

Robin Moraetes:那是哥特式的。

Rachel Zoe:  Well there you go!  I didn't even know it had a name.  Didn't we create it?

Robin Moraetes: DreamDry是一种创建的字体,但是“让每一天都充满魅力”的口号是哥特式的。


Rachel Zoe:  An at home facial.  Or really anything at home.

罗宾Moraetes:哦,a massage!  Everyday.  Even if it's just a foot massage… for like 5 hours.

Rachel Zoe:  I'll take anything!  Really,just anything!  With the two boys that are so heavy I wake up everyday and feel like I just can't move a single body part.




瑞秋·佐伊:哦,莫妮卡&安迪- I'm in town so quickly and wish I could go!  I traveled here carry-on only and I'm very proud of that even though it's such a short visit.





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